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False Indigo

 False Indigo

False Indigo

Baptisia australis

 Growing requirements of this and other Elms Nursery plants

False Indigo Flower

False indigo is a beautiful herbaceous perennial that, when in bloom, shows off a tall purple inflorescence that attracts butterflies and other insects. It can grow to be a rather large shrub like plant, about 4 feet high and 3-4 feet across. Their unique shaped leaves and dark green color add interest to any garden.


Blue False Indigo (Baptisia australis) has beautiful pea-like blue-purple blooms that are useful to our native bees and it is also a host to some native butterflies and moths.

False Indigo Seed Pods

false indigo leaves


Flowering Period: April - July

Soil Moisture: moist

Light: Full sun

Soil pH: 6-7.5 (circumneutral)

Height: 2-4 feet


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