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Grow-out boxesPeriodically we sell plants to eliminate excess stock and to generate revenue for next year's crop. Plant material is sold at cost, ranging from $3 for a pint sized pot to $10 for a tree in a 3 gallon pot.


The species list for upcoming plant sales:


Note: Most trees and shrubs are sapling size (1-2 feet)


Prices for plants are currently:

$3.00 for pint pots

$5.00 for 1/2 gal pots

$7.00 for 1 gal pots (Our most common size)

$10.00 for anything larger than 1 gal

(Plugs are occasionally available @ $.25 per plug)

The Elms Native Plant Nursery

nursery grow out areaThe Native Plant Nursery @ The Elms is a non-profit community service program of the Elms Environmental Education Center and St. Mary's County Public Schools. The nursery's mission is to promote the transformation of community landscapes from primarily non-native environments to primarily native, ecologically useful habitats by providing free or low cost native plant material.

Plant material is available free of charge for all school based projects where students are involved and directly benefit from the project. Such projects may be initiated by students, teachers, scouts, Master Gardeners and others. For community projects where students are not directly involved plant material is available at cost. Note: Plant material is available to the general public only during designated plant sales.

Feel free to browse our current inventory and contact us with any questions.


Winter @ the Nursery:

As the plants lie dormant and we worry about how many will survive this harsh winter, we are working with seeds and preparing for spring planting.

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