Service Learning Projects

2010: Spring Ridge Middle School

srms service 2010Three seventh grade students undertook an invasive plant removal and native plant restoration project at the Elms Environmental Education Center. After two months of regular after-school work the invasives were removed and with the help of a group of 4th grade students from Oakville Elementary School, about 50 plants were added to the space.

Spring Ridge Middle School students also came to the Elms at the end of the school year to help support the Native Plant Nursery by transplanting seedlings and weeding pots.


srms service 2010 - 2

2010: Great Mills High School

In the Spring of 2010, students from Great Mills planted two demonstration native plant gardens, including one wetland garden and initiated a sand dune restoration project at the Elms Environmental Education Center. Close to 1000 plants were planted and about 1500 square feet of invasive plants were removed.

GMHS Service 2010

GMHS Service sand dune GMHS rosebud garden

GMHS Kindergarten

In both spring and fall of 2010, students from Great Mills also participated in NOAA's Phytoplankton Monitoring Network. This project required collecting a sample of plankton from the Chesapeake Bay, placing a sample on a gridded slide and using a digital microscope identifying and counting the plankton present. The collected data is then uploaded to NOAA where they use the data to monitor the growth and presence of harmful algal blooms.

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