Chaperones/Group Leaders

Chaperones are not charged program fees, as they are expected to serve as active program assistants. Chaperones for Pre-K through 4th and 7th grade programs should be prepared to serve as small group leaders. Chaperones for the 5th grade canoeing program should be prepared to serve as competent canoe aides in the boats.

In addition to the classroom teacher and 5th grade P.E. teacher, please bring (no more than) 4 actively engaged chaperones for each Pre-K through 5th and 7th grade class. Thank you in advance for your understanding. We understand that it is not always possible to arrange for chaperones, and we will certainly work with you. Additional school staff (Para-educators, Special Education Teachers, Nurses, Principals etc.) needed to support student learning are always welcome in addition to the parent chaperones.

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