How to Prepare Your Student

Dress ...

  • for outside weather on the day your child is attending, we will be outside!
  • for temperatures about 10 degrees COLDER than at home and school. Elms & Sotterly are near the water and therefore the temperature tends to be cooler.  It also tends to be morewindy.
  • in layers.
  • in clothes and closed-toe shoes which can get wet and soiled.*
  • in rain gear when rain is expected.
  • in hats, gloves, scarves and winter coats during the late fall and winter months.
  • Pre-apply sun block and insect repellent if desired.**


Food and Drink:

  • Pack in reusable containers, if possible.
  • Be prepared to recycle and compost any lunch remains.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle (labeled with your name). Drinking water is available, but not cups.


*5th Graders - Students feet will get wet, so dress accordingly.


**Sunscreen and insect repellent are recommended in the warmer weather.  Please remember that this is an outdoor field trip and your student runs the risk of sunburn and tick exposure. It is best to apply sunscreen and insect repellent before leaving home. Students who bring sunscreen and insect repellent with them will need to apply it to themselves.  Chaperones may apply suncreen/ insect repellent to their child only.  It is against school policy for any adult to apply sunscreen/ insect repellent to anyone other than their own child.

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