Overnight Gear Checklist

Elms Environmental Education Center

Residential (Overnight) Gear Checklist


Lunch for 1st day

Refillable water bottle

Sleeping bag


2 changes of appropriate outdoor clothing

2 changes of underclothes and socks

Toothbrush & toothpaste

Warm jacket

Sleeping gear (sweat suit works great)

Rain gear

Extra pair of shoes (no open toe shoes allowed)

Plastic bag for wet clothes

Towel for changing into dry clothes



Insect repellant*

Water shoes




**Please note:**

Students are responsible for their own gear.

Students should not bring:

Video games

Electronics (cell phones will be permitted for safety reasons)

*Sunscreen and insect repellent are recommended in the warmer weather. Please remember that this is an outdoor field trip and your student runs the risk of sunburn and tick exposure. It is best to apply sunscreen and insect repellent before leaving home. Students who bring sunscreen and insect repellent with them will need to apply it to themselves. Chaperones may apply sunscreen/ insect repellent to their child only. It is against school policy for any adult to apply sunscreen/ insect repellent to anyone other than their own child.


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