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Ground Hog: 2012

Ground hogs are good diggers. They make burrows for sleeping, rearing young and hibernating. These burrows have multiple entrances that they can use them to escape predators.

Groundhogs are mostly diurnal but our Elms groundhogs are often out of sight when the students arrive to Elms and they come out when all is quiet again.

photos -Hester Burch

Pictures taken June 2010 and August 2012 at Elms.

Double-crested Cormorant rescued


Elms staff member Denise Shrum and her visiting class of 3rd graders found an injured cormorant 11/7/12. Denise was able to capture the poor bird and later that afternoon it was brought to a wildlife rehabilitator, Ron Wexler, who examined it and was able to remove a fishing hook found stuck in its shoulder. He also removed some heavy fishing line wrapped around a wing. Injuries like this interfere with a bird’s ability to get food and fly. And will often lead to its death.

Thank you to Mr. Wexler founder of Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center in Lusby Maryland. If you would like to learn more about this 100% volunteer organization, volunteer, or donate, visit http://www.orphaned-wildlife-rescue-center.com. You can also contact “Doc” Wexler at 410-326-0937.

Denise is holding the recently rehabilitated double-crested cormorant. She is showing a group of excited 3rd graders the cormorant just prior to releasing it back into the Chesapeake Bay -11/08/12.

Check out the shape of its bill!

Look at how beautiful its eye is!

Little Brown Skink

Hester Burch

This skink was missing part of its tail when found. Luckily, skinks have the ability to regrow their tails.

It was found on the lawn near the Elms Native Plant Nursery Oct. 2012.

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