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American Shieldback 2012

American shieldback (Atlanticus americanus) male

photos Hester Burch

This American Shieldback Katydid was found by 7th grade Stem students attending an Event called Bioblast held on PAX NAS. Several staff members from Elms participated in this event. Among other activities, students searched for interesting insects on plants.

June 2012

Click here if you would like to hear it's call.

Eastern Cottontails 2012

Eastern cottontail Sylvilagus floridanus

Cottontails eat plants. They love clover and sedges and grasses. In the winter they eat buds, stems and the tips of plants growing within reach. They will also eat the bark of some trees. Interestingly, they do not drink water; rather, they get the water they need from plants.

This cottontail was spotted in June of 2012

photos Hester Burch

This picture was taken in April 2012.

Students that spend the night here are more likely to see these rabbits because they are most active at dawn and dusk.

Ground Hog: 2012

Ground hogs are good diggers. They make burrows for sleeping, rearing young and hibernating. These burrows have multiple entrances that they can use them to escape predators.

Groundhogs are mostly diurnal but our Elms groundhogs are often out of sight when the students arrive to Elms and they come out when all is quiet again.

photos -Hester Burch

Pictures taken June 2010 and August 2012 at Elms.

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