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Critters of the Elms

Eastern Mud Turtle June 2011

photos copyright Hester Burch

Eastern mud turtles (Kinosternon subrubrum) are small. They grow only to about 4 inches long.

This turtle was found by students visiting the Elms in June 2011.

Eastern Box Turtle May 2011

Eastern Box Turtle Terrapene carolina

The plastron (the bottom part of the shell) of box turtles can bend allowing the turtle to shut its shell after it pulls its head and front legs in. Mud turtles, which are also common at Elms, have two hinges.

Found by students visiting the Elms May 2011.

The Chinese mantis September 2011

A Chinese mantis (Tenodera sinensis) like the one in the picture usually lives less than a year. This kind of praying mantis comes from China as you would have guessed by the name.

Found by visiting 7th grade students while working in our native plant nursery.


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