Critters of the Elms

Luna Moth Caterpillar: Actias luna

This is a Luna Moth Caterpillar.

Check out the claw-like front legs (thoracic legs) on this guy!

This shows the size. Longer than my thumb!

So cool!

Turning brownish: Soon time to pupate! (The pupa is the next stage before turning into a moth.)

photos Hester Burch

Rear view.

Found at Elms in one of our native plant demonstration gardens September 2012.

railroad worm

This is the larva of a phengodid beetle. It is more commonly called a railroad worm. It is a type of glow worm.

You can learn more about this at the following web site.

Thank you to Professor Michael J. Raupp (Department of Entomology at the University of Maryland) for identifying this interesting critter.


photos Hester Burch

Found at the Elms in late September of 2011 and another one in early October 2011.

Garden Hose or Rat Snake?

The black rat snake is a nonvenomous snake.

This snake was almost overlooked: hiding in plain sight.

They are excellent climbers.

Photos -Hester Burch

Observed by visiting students April 2012.

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