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August 2014: Eastern Wood Peewee


Eastern Wood Peewee
Contopus virens

Who am I?

I am a flycatcher. Like other flycatchers I will wait on a branch or power line watching for some little unsuspecting moth or other insect to fly by. When spotted I will fly off my branch grab some lunch and return to the same place, or nearby. I can be quite entertaining. I make a unique sound that is easy to identify saying "pee-a-wee, pee-a-wee". You can't miss it. I build a small, about 3 inches across, nest of woven grass or hair that is placed well above your headin the trees. I am territorial and will fight to keep other peewees away from my hunting area.

Where can you find me?

In the summer I live in  forests on the est coast of the United States, especially in open areas where i can see insects flying around so you will most likely find me on the edge of the forest as opposed to the center. When it gets cold and the insects dissappear I head to south america.

What do I eat?

Bugs. Little things that fly.

What might eat me?


Cool reasons why I am the critter of the month!

  • My call is very easy to learn. Click here to hear my call.
  • I can live up to 8 years.



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